David Chadwick  

Liberty Bazaar

Published by Aurora Metro 2015

Set in Liverpool during the American Civil War, Liberty Bazaar is about the conflict between Trinity, an escaped slave girl, and Jubal, a battle-fatigued Confederate general.

After escaping from a South Carolina plantation, Trinity is recruited by wealthy British liberals to support Abraham Lincoln’s Union.

At the same time, Jubal has been relieved of his command after publicly denouncing slavery and sent to Liverpool to promote a Grand Liberty Bazaar in aid of Southern widows and orphans.

Trinity discovers a high-level conspiracy that could win the war for the South, but her attempts to persuade the British authorities to take action land her in a snake-pit of subterfuge.

Jubal also starts to question who he can trust when he realises he is being manipulated by powerful individuals whose motives threaten to destroy him and his family. As the stakes get higher, the pair realise friends and enemies are not necessarily who they seem.

Praise for Liberty Bazaar

“Tells of Liverpool’s secret role in a conflict that still divides the US ... brings the teeming streets of Empire-era Liverpool to vivid life.”

Liverpool Echo

“First class storytelling. An addictive novel with love and gun smoke and a tremendous feel for its time and its settings, lived out by characters of real passion and true human complexity.” Paul Du Noyer, founder of MOJO magazine and author of Liverpool: Wondrous Place

“The sights and smells of dockside Liverpool come alive in ways reminiscent of Dickens. So, too, do class conflicts tinged, as they frequently were, by issues of race.” Richard Blackett, Professor of History at Vanderbilt University, Nashville

“Those who want to know why the Confederate flag came down in Charleston in 2015 should read David Chadwick’s book.”

Andrew Lees, author of Liverpoool The Hurricane Port

“A historical drama with nail-biting moments. I couldn’t put it down.”

Larry Neild, Liverpool Radio City Talk